Been a while…trip to VA

So it has been a long, long time since I’ve been here and part of it has been being busy, part of it is having lots to say but no real desire to, and the other part is that I have been switching my hosting over.  I switched my hosting from Bluehost – didn’t have any issues with them just didn’t want to pay for hosting any more for a blog I barely use – to Rackspace.  I have an account with Rackspace through my company and figured I would use it!

There has been quite a bit going on this April!  P finished the bar in our house and the deck on the side of the house (will do full posts of pictures later), one of my best friends got married, we signed a big client at work, I hosted an unsuccessful Aloette party, ran a 5K, and lots more…

This past weekend P and I took an impromptu trip to VA.  His mother passed out at the hospital where she works in Williamsburg, VA and after tests she was transferred to MCV in Richmond.  Apparently, after her heart attack in 2012 the cardiologist prescribed Plavix, I think it is a blood thinner, and never took her off it.  One of the side effects of Plavix, especially after more than 2 years!, is ulcers. Well, my mother-in-law did get an ulcer, one that was slowly bleeding her out.  Slowly but then very quickly since it was on an artery!  Thankfully she was at the hospital where she works when she passed out because that saved her life.

As you can imagine, P was concerned (as was I) so we decided to leave work early Friday and make the 6+ hour trip to VA to make sure she was ok ourselves.  P is very close and very protective of his mom.  One night while we were there his mom wasn’t answering her phone, probably sleeping, so he called the nurses station and gave them his cell number in case anything changed in her condition.  It was kind of sweet.

Going up to VA is kind of crazy especially when only for a weekend.  It’s like when we visit Charlotte where my family is.  Parents, grandparents, old friends, etc.  Lots of people to see and only so little time.  We covered as many bases as we could while also spending time with his mom at the hospital.  We saw his aunt at the hospital, took his dad out to dinner for his birthday, spent the night with P’s best friend and his wife in their new house, and had lunch with his grandparents and aunt and uncle.  All within about 36 hours.  I would say it was a successful weekend especially because by the time we left P’s mom was in much better condition. We are hoping that she will get to go home soon!

Lots to catch up on, lots of pictures to share, lots of sleep and house chores to catch up on!

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