Toddler vs. Vegetables: Cheese-less Eggs

This recipe is pretty obvious, I think. It’s basically our Egg Muffins¬†without the cheese!

As I’ve written about before, my daughter, who is now 19 months old used to love eating vegetables but now the only way she will eat them consistently is in things [aka hidden]. I typically offer her the vegetables in their regular state (cooked or raw, depending on the vegetable) a couple of times but then I find another way to use them before they go bad. The most popular way in our house, and probably the easiest is in eggs! And, pretty much any and every vegetable works. We have cooked black beans, green beans, carrots, and other veggies that you wouldn’t normally think of including. Sometimes, I hand chop them up and other times I use the food processor to get them a little finer.

The other weekend, I had some zucchini – a veggie we don’t have often but they were just beautiful at the store. I cooked some up with some onions on the stove for myself and my husband – yum. But Evie wasn’t interested. I also made some chicken sausage. I have been loving chicken sausage lately; this was a variety with apple. Meat – another thing that Evie is not loving these days!

cheeseless vegetable egg muffinsSo I chopped some of the zucchini, onions and the sausage and threw them in basically what was a scrambled egg mix. If you want to know measurements, you’ve come to the wrong place – I tend to eyeball things. I want to make sure that there is a good amount of mix-ins in comparison to the eggs. Evie loves cheese so I thought why not see if she will eat these without the cheese? It was something of an experiment and had she hated them, the adults would have eaten them! But, she loved them. You can make these in small muffin size or normal tins. Cook them anywhere between 10-15 min at around 350 or 375. Just keep an eye on them – the edges will start to brown and they won’t be jiggly.

These are great because I can throw in anything! It gives Evie something healthy to eat and eliminates waste. I should also say that if you need something quick, I have microwaved these eggs many times. In a ceramic¬†ramekin or coffee mug for 1-2 minutes depending on how much mixture you put in! My husband doesn’t like the consistency of a microwaved egg but Evie doesn’t mind (and neither, really, do I).

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