Toddler vs. Vegetable: Apples & Zucchini

I love zucchini. I love to saute it with onions, grill it in strips, bread and bake or fry for “fries,” roast it in the oven AND eat it in baked goods! It is one of those vegetables, like carrots or sweet potatoes that are delicious both sweet AND savory. Of course, my toddler isn’t interested in eating it on its own…

apples and zucchiniIt works great in egg muffins (with cheese or without) and I love to put it in baked goods in a banana or pumpkin bread. Recently, I tried something different! I’m not sure what gave me the idea but I had some apples that needed to be used, as well, and whereas I would normally put both apples and zucchinis in muffin form, I didn’t feel like baking. So, I chopped up the apples and zucchini pretty small and tossed them in a saute pan with some coconut oil. Any oil or butter would probably work. I sauteed them lightly (I didn’t want them mushy and I also knew they would be reheated in the future) and dusted them lightly with cinnamon.

zucchini, apple, cinnamon, coconut oilI have to admit that I did not taste this! But my daughter LOVED it. I felt really good that she got vegetables, fruit and some healthy fat.

You could peel each ingredient if your toddler is picky enough and smart enough to realize the green is a sneaky vegetable or just use green apples! :) And, if they don’t like this experiment, this could easily be put inside a baked good!

Have fun experimenting with different veggies and getting your toddler or child to enjoy eating healthy and interesting food! This was also a great food for Evie to practice eating with a spoon!